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This class is geared to teach you how to work together doing partner or synchro exercises is a structured format. The main aim here to to be working at a level like being in a competition. This class will open your eyes to how and why you need a strategy in all your training sessions so you don't fatigue to quickly. Its a great way to help you push that bit harder and teaches you things that may pop into your classes now and again. Its a fun class that will give you a great workout with other members. You work in teams to get the workout done. 

At the moment this class runs once per week on a Friday at 5.30pm. The majority of clients that take this class stay on for the Free Skills class that runs at 6.30pm. Its two great Hours of working out and learning new skills.

You can use your class credits to attend this class. Non-members can pay a drop in rate. 

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